Betsy was the HR Director for my very diverse 300-person organization. She provided great insight on how to get the best from our team recognizing the wide range of skills and backgrounds. The team loved working with her and trusted her completely. She could be tough when necessary and make the tough calls. She also had the intestinal fortitude to force to me to rethink things when it was necessary. In my 30+ years at PepsiCo, she added more value than any other HR person I had the pleasure of working with.


Paul Zmigrosky

Retired SVP PepsiCo

Betsy Schroeder is a consummate HR professional who understands both the business big picture and is capable of driving true organizational growth down at the individual level. She is a self-driven leader who owns her results and consistently delivers above expectations.  Our teams all leveraged Personalysis to improve their performance and believed that it positively impacted the quality of their communications both within and outside their teams.

Jay Gehring

VP, PepsiCo R&D, Retired

As a business owner, working with Betsy and the Personalysis assessment was very helpful to let me know what areas are my strong points and what do I need to be aware of as I expand into new territories.  

It was interesting to see why I react to certain situations in a positive way and what might bring about a negative response.  As Betsy was expanding on this, I realized that some of my personality and actions are the way I was raised and some of it is the way I am wired.  

It confirmed the direction that I am headed with my business, is right for me.  I am publishing my first book in 1/2019 and will be doing public speaking. I started out four years ago doing what is passionate to me, taking other people's junk and throw away's and upcycling and repurposing them into unique one-of-a-kind decor.  As Betsy was going through the three areas of this assessment, I felt like I was looking at this road map of the last four years of my journey.  It was exciting to see the progress and based on my answers in this Personalysis assessment, it confirmed why I went the way I have gone.   The assessment confirmed that I am doing what I am good at.  I also let me know when I engage with other people or group or businesses, what I need to be aware of in order to be able to work within their system and organizations.

I look at it this way.... if I am going to make a major change in my life, wouldn't it make sense to know what my strong areas are and what do I need to stay away from?

It was a pleasure working with Betsy and her expertise.  

Coleen Merk

Author & Speaker

Several months ago I was having productivity issues at work. I was trying to multi-task, people were interrupting me and I was making a little progress on a lot of things instead of a lot of progress on the most important things. I expressed this frustration to Betsy and she promptly changed my life! Betsy introduced me to the Pomodoro method (what I fondly call “Betsy’s Tomato Thing). By setting a timer for 25 minutes and focusing on one thing at a time I saw my productivity increase and my frustration decrease. It forced me to prioritize my tasks and enabled me to focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to jump between tasks all day. It naturally broke my workday down into manageable time increments – instead of looking at an 8 or 9 hour block of time with 10 things I had to accomplish, my day became 16 smaller blocks of time with dedicated tasks. I take the method one step further and try not to leave my office during work blocks – I use the restroom, get water, visit with co-workers, etc. during my 5-10 minute breaks. I realized by allowing people to “pop into” my office during my work time I was getting off task and breaking my train of thought. Now when people pop in, I let them know I am in the middle of something and I will come find them when I am finished. There are several apps and timers out there dedicated to this method, but I use one I don’t have to download or pay extra for…my phone.  Once I realized how much more productive I had become at work, I took “Betsy’s Tomato Thing” home – I now clean my house in 25 minute increments. Waking up in the morning and knowing you have to clean your house is daunting. Doing it for 25 or 50 minutes a day is MUCH more manageable and does not feel nearly as overwhelming. 25 minutes is quite a bit of time when you are cleaning too – it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you only have to keep up momentum for that short amount of time!


Charity Blanchard

Marketing and Proposal Coordinator

AUI Inc.