About Personalysis


PERSONALYSIS is a personality assessment that allows people to thrive by helping them decode their natural patterns of communicating, decision​-making and what they need in order to be at their highest potential and to do their best work.

The assessment is: 

  • A simple 15-20 minute online questionnaire that generates an individualized, detailed PERSONALYSIS Profile and Colorgraph.

  • The PERSONALYSIS Profile report is an assessment of your unique personality and is composed of a complex mix of behaviors that you use to create success and be effective.  Your personality is very special -- neither better nor worse than any other, just simply different.  There is no single perfect, ideal, average or standard profile, so knowing what makes you unique allows you to gain understanding about why and how you feel, think, and act under varying levels of pressure.  

  • Provides an at-a-glance view of individual uniqueness .  Perfect for partners, leaders and teams to quickly understand others.

  • A framework for thriving both personally and professionally.

  • A tool that offers insights into how to develop strong relationships and achieve and sustain high performance.  


personalysis info
personalysis info



In addition to the colorgraph, the profile report provides a written description of each dimension and the color combinations that make up the an individual's personality and individual profile.  Samples of a profile report and colorgraph are available for your review, upon request.    This personality profile is a great starting place since self-understanding is an important key before change and improvement can occur.  

Personalysis and Teams

Teams also have a "personality" which is really just those dominant tendencies and default ways of communicating, making decisions and taking action.  Using each team member's individual results, PERSONALYSIS generates a team profile and color graph that reveals the natural strengths and potential blind spots of the group and offers keys to help the team enhance trust and collaborate more effectively.   

Partnerships, or teams of two, are best when evaluated as a comparison of individual profiles.  Small to larger teams benefit from a consolidated team profile reflecting their collective strengths, so that they may develop a new way of communicating, making decisions, and staying aligned and in sync.  


If interested in learning more about Personalysis and how it can work for you as an individual, or your team members, please contact us today to review an assessment and gain a better understanding of how it can work for you personally or professionally.