Our Story

Greetings, I am Betsy Schroeder, Founder of Interpersonal Discovery.  As a Personal and Business Wellness Coach, I work with clients wanting to take action and help them shift their focus towards their assets, instead of dwelling on perceived deficits or problems.  We work together by opening awareness to the current conditions and then redefine the situation through knowledge building and self-discovery in order to achieve their professional objectives and other work/life related goals.  
Over two decades of passion has been spent working within Human Resources at a top Fortune 100 company.  As a Servant Leader, it has always been my goal to help people achieve success and be the best version of themselves.  Cultural change, organizational design, new leader assimilation, change management and people development were aspects of being an HR advocate and utilizing my talents and skills.    
When implementing change, you need tools and understanding about the steps to take to be effective.  I take pride in my ability to listen attentively and communicate empathetically, helping my clients make those shifts in their lives.  
I have seen how conflicts can arise from different communication styles and I have also been actively involved in building an environment where diverse points of view were able to be expressed in a productive manner because the team had a common understanding of their needs and knew how to effectively address their differences to avoid potential conflict situations.  
Like many of my clients, I have experienced first-hand the strain of work/life demands and I know how it feels.  In 2016, I retired from my corporate job to become a full-time caregiver for my dying mother.  I had always been told "to be a caregiver, one must take care of themselves, in order to take care of others".  While the death of a parent is one of the top five most stressful situations, I found myself less stressed than I was at my corporate job.  I was able to slow down and implement energy management techniques that I now use daily.  I share these types of insights with my clients and help them see that burning the candle at both ends is not as productive as using energy management tools and techniques so that you can actually get more down in less time.  
On a personal basis, I am very familiar with the concepts of igniting energy and rising to a new level, to see things from a different point of view.  As an avid hot air balloonist, I find myself traveling to various parts of the country and participating in rallies.  Whether I am being lifted gently from the ground and into the sky in flight, driving the chase vehicle, or simply being a part of the chase crew, I enjoy every adventure that ballooning provides me and the camaraderie that comes from spending time with family and friends.  
I provide my services through one:one sessions, on-line training, workshops and retreats.  I hold a Masters Degree in Business Administration and have certifications in a number of assessment tools and systems.     
You can connect with me on our Contact page, Linked In or via other social media platforms (icons at the bottom of this page).  I look forward to supporting you in your journey of "discovering" you.

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