Looking Out of a Skyscaper

ABT CORE Mindset Management Program

The CORE Mindset Management program is a unique blend of Asset-Based ThinkingTM (ABT) Action Coaching program with additional innovative techniques and strategies to transform your personal development in life and in work.


Your CORE represents your Confidence, Optimism, Resilience, and Energy.  This CORE is evident in your inner decisions and problem solving and your outer interactions and outcomes.  When you focus on your personal and professional CORE, greater work will occur from your efforts. Just as in exercising, when you focus on your core development, your body aligns, strengthens, and can withstand the daily impact it receives.  

The Asset-based Thinking (ABT) philosophy is ground in the research concept of creating a small shift in the way people absorb, perceive, filter and interpret information.  Imagine what would be possible if you focused most of your attention:

  • On what's working instead of what is not working

  • On your strong suits rather than "weaknesses"

  • On possibilities more than problems

  • On what can be done instead of what can't 

We propose that "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change".  ABT helps individuals improve their social-emotional health and well-being by utilizing strategies that make a shift from a negative mindset to a positive one and allows them to empower themselves rather than acting like or being a victim.  The Author and Psychologist behind ABT is Kathy Cramer, Ph.D. and her work can be found in the books "Change the Way You See Everything" and "Change the Way You See Yourself".  The latter book is used as one of the tools within the Core Mindset Management Program. Transformational thinking and learning must be exercised, just like a muscle, for all of us to overcome the negative cycle of challenges that occur in our lives.  Once we have developed our technique, then we will see our own inner strength and empowerment.  

The CORE process in this coaching program helps an individual develop their own awareness and is based on a powerful and proven mindset management technique.  The CORE model provides people with an intellectual and emotional experience that is engaging, motivational, and practical in personal and professional endeavors.  It combines the three keys to transformation of connection, investment, and outreach. This program is delivered in 8 sections, which can be designed to meet your personal or team needs.  The program can be done in 90 minute sessions, either in-person or via an online webinar.  The 8 sections are as follows:


Session 1:          Introductory Session

Sessions 2 & 3:  Change the Way You See Power

Sessions 4 & 5:  Change the Way You See Influence

Session 6:          Change the Way You See Impact

Session 7 & 8:    Change the Way You See the Future

By transforming the way you see your own power, your influence grows exponentially and your personal impact intensifies dramatically.  You can improve your leadership and your performance, and actually direct and shape the future you desire. Asset-based Thinking and the Core Mindset Management program will show you how to be a top-performer and an effective agent of change, even in a turbulent, fluctuating world.  

Contact us to schedule a intake session if you are interested in the CORE Mindset Management coaching program as an integral part of your personal development and success.