Do you awake each morning excited about the activities that the day will bring or does your "to do" list seem like a mountain that you can never conquer?  Does your life energize you and leave you with a joyous feeling at the end of the day, or are you actually burning the candle at both ends and, yet, still never seem to have enough time for yourself?   At Interpersonal Discovery, our solutions help people discover their brilliance, do great work, lead full meaningful lives and learn to thrive together with others in today's world.  

It starts with personal discovery and learning, using tools and systems that helps one understand individual needs and strengths; focus on assets rather than deficits; on outcomes and what can be accomplished; on daily interactions; and on making sure that there are deposits into personal energy levels rather than living with a constantly leaky bucket.  We don't focus on time management because time is limited, there are only 24 hours in a day and nothing more.  We focus on attention and energy management because you can learn to target your attention, ignite your energy, replenish it as needed, and become more effective and productive.  All this allows you to rise to a new perspective and enjoy the benefits and beauty that can be an integral part of life.  


You might think that we should have called the company "InnerPersonal Discovery" because a person has to understand themselves, their needs, their thoughts and their actions before they can successfully interact with others. However, these tools and systems can not only be utilized by individuals but also in teams, especially within a business environment.  We provide a personalized, dynamic development approach that enables profound insights and personal enrichment.  Join us today and start your own glorious journey towards discovery!

Personality Profiling

Interpersonal skills are the single biggest success indicator of personal and professional success. Technical or hard skills account for only 15% of success in life. That means 85% of success is determined by soft or interpersonal skills. However, self improvement is impossible without self-awareness.

Employees are the "building blocks" of a company and can make or break a company's success. Learning what makes your team members stay motivated and how they interact with each other can also help managers and see productivity soar.  


At Interpersonal Discovery, we use the Personalysis assessment to help individuals and teams gain insight into their natural patterns of communicating, decision-making, engagement activities, and what they need to do their best work!

A quick assessment that can help you understand your individual needs, desires, challenges and everything that makes you tick. The more you pay attention to how you work, the better you'll understand why you do the things that you do and how best to interact and thrive with others.  

Check out "About Personalysis" for more information on this assessment tool and the insight that it can provide to you, your partner(s), your team or your whole company. Understanding your own strengths and work approach as well as combining strengths of all the personality types allows for maximized workplace efficiency.  

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Core Mindset Management 

The Greek word Arete in its basic sense means "excellence of any kind".  In its earliest Greek appearance, this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the concept of the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of living up to one's full potential.  While Arete is frequently associated with bravery, it is more often reflective of effectiveness. The person of Arete is of the highest effectiveness; they use all of their faculties to achieve real results.  

You can become a person of Arete through experiencing the ABT CORE Mindset Management Program. Your CORE represents confidence, optimism, resilience and energy. This CORE is evident in your inner decisions and problem-solving and your outer interactions and outcomes.  When you focus on your personal and professional CORE, greater work will occur from your efforts.  

The CORE process involves developing your own awareness and using your strengths and strategies through coaching. Coaching is one of the most efficient and effective ways for people to take their work and their lives to the next level.  We are pleased to introduce you to Asset Based ThinkingTM (ABT) Action Coaching through the CORE Mindset Management experience.  


As a certified CORE Mindset Management Program coach, we can assist you in unlocking the power within you to generate and advance your goals. Check out "About CORE Mindset" to learn more about this unique Asset Based ThinkingTM (ABT) Action Coaching program.

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Attention/Energy Management

Time management is about planning how much time you have in a day and when we have rising demands, either in our workplace and/or at home, a common practice is often to burn the candle at both ends and to put in longer hours. This inevitably takes a toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally. It does not matter how well you schedule your time, if you don't have the personal energy to fulfill your commitments, you will not be fully present, and you will not be able to effectively get everything done. The problem with working longer hours is that time is a finite resource, whereas energy is a different story.


Defined in physics as the capacity to work, energy comes from four main sources within people, the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit.  In each of these four areas, behaviors and specific rituals can be practiced and implemented in order to systemically expand and regularly renew an individual's energy levels.  It is important for individuals to recognize the costs of energy-depleting behaviors and then take responsibility and action for changing them, regardless of their circumstances.


If you are ready to take action, learn more about the behaviors and rituals that you can use to manage your energy and transform your life, check out our "Attention/Energy Management" Resources.  Establishing simple rituals can absolutely help individuals be more effective, but also can help organizations improve the performance levels of their employees by being able to do more in less time.  

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The art of being yourself at your best is the art of unfolding your personality into the person you want to be.  Be gentle with yourself, learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, for only as we have the right attitude towards ourselves can we have the right attitude towards others.

Wilferd A. Peterson

American Author, Businessman